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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

“Creativity and Parenting”

Hey, I’m back! Today is a special day, because it’s my daughter’s birthday. This post is dedicated to her and the special role she played in my journey into becoming who I am. After recently doing an interview for Creative on Campus, I was inspired by this idea and concept. After reflecting on area where I just saw it as a struggle. I never stopped and smelled the roses and fully embraced the journey I was on. Although I have graduated and outgrown this college experience, I never stopped being a creative student. In fact, I might be raising one.

From my personal experience I always had an interested in art, since childhood. My parents would always eagerly encouraged me to draw, but most of my exposure was in art classes. Learning from that, I heavily emphasized cultivating the arts in my home with different formats. Creativity is just not in art, but in the art of doing something like singing, drawing, painting, dancing, acting, listening, and so on. As well as gaining from the exposure. For example, like taking her to art stores and learning different supplies and mediums. Also taking her to experience different outside events to learn history and culture. So we (her father and I) noticed her interests, we like to introduce her to such areas, because we’re not only her parents but educators.

My daughter is blessed to have not only witnessed, but been fully apart of my decision making of returning to school and currently in pursuit of my dreams. In her perspective she‘ll might just see my sacrifices of being a college mom, graduating, and starting up Queen J Paints. Which makes me more accountable of the woman and role I set before her. What is a wife? What is a mom? What is a boss like? And as a woman, how many roles can you play and how to work it all? Her answer to this will be in the lifestyle I set before her and the influence that I have.

So when I first noticed the similarities in our interests. I first had to take a step back because this is going to require proir wisdom and patience. Especially when she uses and messes up my stuff. Also knowing the creative experience is about the discovery. So this might take a couple drawings, tries, and figuring out whether she’s into one thing or another. But, no matter how much time or money spent, I want her to know that she’s always worth the investment.

Also allowing room for self discovery, is also making room for self expression. Not just being a mom that carelessly allow their child to be in mix match clothes, but making her own judgements with patterns and colors allows her to make decisions. This will enhance her room to be brave, bold, and creative about her own decisions. My goal as her mother is not to raise a “Little Jalissa”, but to raise her and cultivate her into who she needs to be and do. Allowing self expression and discovery is all worth the practice at this age.

So being a creative student, help shaped me into being a creative parent. So to my daughter, I hope you later understand that my decisions I make as a wife, mom, and boss, was all apart in discovering who I am and you too. Although I hope you inherit my creativity, but it’s important that you have individuality as a woman and who you become. So be who you are. Take that step, draw the line, and paint the picture, the world is your canvas. Also know that your father and I, try and did our best. So never give up, because you did not come from a quitter. And I can’t wait to see what you become, because you’re product of some of my greatest strengths.


Mommy 💕

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