Holiday Boundaries

“It’s the holiday season, whoop-de-doo, and Hippie-de-Blah” is probably how you’re feeling. For most of us, December is probably feeling more like a deadline than the greatest time of the year. For the college students it’s finals, for the parents it’s shopping, and for the bosses it’s the final quarter. The idea of spending time with loved ones, spending money, and studying can be quite overwhelming. So to avoid a holiday burnout is time to set up your holiday boundaries.

Holiday boundaries are very important to avoid the holiday burnout. A holiday burnout is exhausting yourself from holiday stress, which steals the joy of the holiday season. Having holiday boundaries help you create the space you need so you don't feel so overwhelmed. Remember boundaries mark your territory. Holiday boundaries are not walls to keep things out. It’s okay to say no sometimes, take breaks, and slow down. So here are some areas to focus on making holiday boundaries. Things like finals, family, and finances.

1. Finals

It’s the end of the year and for some the end of the semester. I’m all about working hard to play later. I also know all about creating a healthy balance of work and play. Study hard, but don’t forget to take a break. Create a positive study environment and habits. Remember a grade is a grade, but it‘s not your true value. So work hard, study harder, and stay motivated. For the bosses, yes it’s the final quarter but also remember it’s your quarter. So work like it's yours. Yes it’s good to track your progress, but also don’t let the calendar stress you out. Also, don't compare your progress to others. Entrepreneurship is different for everyone. Different businesses, trades, plans, and personal experiences all come into play. Each quarter or season may be different from the next. So it’s okay, if you don't get it this quarter. Just learn and do better the next. Sometimes it’s okay to not work. You're human not a machine. Always work at your own pace and just keep going.

2. Family

Sometimes the holidays can be a hard time dealing with family. Especially, when you're missing the traditions and the ones we loved. Whether you're separated by death or distance, it always makes Christmas a little blue. Listen, have your honest moment. But also try to make the best out of the situation. Know your triggers, and set new boundaries by changing your settings. There are several healthy ways to handle grief for holidays. If you have family members that are away, try to stay connected. It might be hard, you May miss them but also don't be hesitant to create new memories and traditions. Remember them, but don't forget to try to live.

3. Finances

Having money and not having money can be very stressful around this time of the year. It can hurt when you have a big heart but very little to spend. One way to avoid this, shop on a budget. Create and make gifts. If you have children, try the 4 gift rule. Although Christmas is one day of the year, the stores are open all year round. Do not go into debt over the people you love. If you have a big family or group of friends, try doing a Pollyanna. Do your best, and remember spending time with the one's you love is something money can't buy.

Listen, this season is all about giving, give yourself peace by not stressing over the holiday. Take your time, and do your best. Create and set your boundaries, and try your best to make something out of this season. Make a holiday plan, do new traditions, and spend it with what/who you love. Because your peace is expensive, and joy is a gift, so spend it wisely. Despite how you’re feeling be open enough to talk about it. Also, seek professional help and counseling about your mental health. Your mental health matters, it is a gift, so take care of it. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.

- Jalissa ❤️


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