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Updated: May 15, 2019

Welcome to the glamorous life of Jalissa Bard, the amazing blog of how she manages it all.The famous hashtag goals of the mom life, wife life, and still making boss moves!

Well, that’s pretty catchy. If you think being a mom boss is just that easy put on your seatbelt. Because balancing it all, is more than a hashtag or social media goal. It is more like creating invoices and changing dirty diapers. It takes effort, dedication, making sacrifices,

sleepless nights, time management, and mainly practice.

Practice was one of the biggest areas that surprised me the most. For example how do I practice being this busy mom? Well college. College actually cultivated this lifestyle a lot. Unlike most traditional college stories, my story includes 4 universities, 175 credits, 6 1/2 years and a newborn. From class to daycare to bills. Now, I can see how college had prepared me into having this multi tasking experience of balancing a career, marriage, and raising a family.

(Some of the many ids I’ve collected. Just missing one Rowan University id which I’m still currently claiming my student discounts lol)

And to be quite honest, I’ve never seen the beauty in this struggle. Because it wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t what I thought nor planned to be. But now I can fully embrace all the growth and journey I’ve went through. Which took time, healing, and acceptance. And good faith to believe and see that all things work together for my good in the end.

So I’m revisiting this chapter of my life to share my experiences, accomplishments, and failures. In sharing these things, I hope to inspire others to see the beauty in their own story. There’s beauty in imperfection, just like my story with my bad grammar and typos. Whether you’re a college student, a mom chasing a dream, or both. There’s always light in dark places when we continue to shine. So here’s to my blog and it’s journey! Feel free to subscribe and share.

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