• Jalissa Lynn

Procrastination 101

Welcome to the exciting world of procrastination. Here in this course we will go over the fundamental layout and design of being a procrastinator. Procrastination is the act or habit of putting off or delaying something. For example, when your instructor would hand out the study guide or assignment paper, and at the bottom in bold letters was the deadline. Whew, I got time.” Then a week passes by. Then another week passes by, and now it’s 11:58pm before your midnight deadline. And now, here we are staring. I wish I could you give you a glorious story about my triumph over procrastination, but truth is I was procrastinated af (as freak)!!!

Sip your tea or coffee, and get real comfortable, because I’m about to hit some heavy hitters about procrastination. As a student, I was always prepared. I was organized. (May, I just brag about my note taking skills and coordinating stationary kits and pens for each subject and date). I had it together. But was I ready? In some of my favorite courses, it was easy for me to complete assignments on time because the passion was there. But in the areas where I lacked or when my grades started dropping, it was a struggle to stay on top. I felt overwhelmed. So I wasn’t necessarily avoiding the asssignment, I was putting off the emotional pain of failure. Sometimes procrastination isn’t due to laziness, it’s the anxiety.

Listen, for us 90’s kids, let me take you back to the famous Spongebob episode of procrastination. As I recalled, he starts off eagerly. Then that’s when all the other stuff happens. Then as each hour passed by, he panics. Then at the very end, he uses all distractions to complete his assignments. Trust me, this was my process. Although there‘s a lot negativity of people that procrastinate are just lazy. In reality it might be a mental or emotional struggle. Nobody likes the feeling of failure or disappointment. Procrastinating might be the mask that is truly hiding the fact that you might be avoiding failure.

So in adult world, it can look like not paying certain bills, not following through commitments, not starting the business, or new job. It’s mental. It’s emotional. It’s real. We are creating more problems, when we don’t take time to solve one. And time waits for no one.

So after realizing I was in this toxic pattern, I decided to break it! I literally had to pull myself away mentally. One, I had to motivate myself! Positive reinforcements are always key. Second, I had to regain my focus. The goal was graduation, I can’t graduate with bad grades. To

obtain my focus, I had to eliminate my distractions. So, I had to put my phone in a separate room on DND, or delete social media apps, going to quiet areas. Another tool, was breaking up the project into smaller tasks. I did what I have to do, because failure is not an option.

So, here’s some take aways. One, if you’re procrastinating, it’s not because you’re lazy, it might just be your anxiety. And you can overcome your anxiety. It’s okay to pull away from your work, idea, or business mentally or emotionally. Get focused and eliminate your distractions. Regain your focus, by remembering your purpose or goals into doing it. Break up you big project into smaller ones. But please whatever you do, don’t let procrastination waste your time. Full free to look at these images below. Share & Subscribe 💕


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