The Glowdemic

Tips to Flourishing in the middle of a Pandemic!

2020 is NOT canceled. In the middle of COVID19, you can still glow, grow, and flourish. If you want to know how, here’s some simple ways to help you do so.

When COVID19 hit, it was completely unexpected. It didn’t just impacted our local communities, but all around the globe. As businesses, schools, churches, and the whole world closed down, it seemed it was a hopeless situation. Dealing with such uncertainties, I personally became anxious and down. I struggled figuring out what to do with the time I have. Then hope became a reality when I started changing my perspective. So here’s how I turned this pandemic into a “GlowDemic“.

1.Change your Mindset.

The first step towards making any postive changes starts with your mind. In order to live better, you have to think better. Don’t let the virus attack your mind before it evens attacks your body. What you’re actually thinking comes out of you, through your words, actions, posts, and lifestyle.

This is not to be insensitive to many tragedies and loss such as jobs, stability, loved ones, and everyday normalcy due to the coronavirus. Trust me, I had my share of hardship, but facing it with a postive attitude made it easier to ”grow” through it. Out of our trails produce such endurance, perseverance, character, and hope. So instead of glooming on missing outside, let’s make it time to work on the inside. This can all help by changing our thinking.

2. Drink your water.

In order to flourish and glow, you have to drink your water. Yes, seriously drink your water. Water is so beneficial to your health in so many ways. Just like other healthy options towards our diet. So drinking water can cleanse and flush your insides out. So please drink your water.

At first with this quarantine, I was indulging and snacking it up. Not only was I packing on pounds, but food does effect your mentality. When you truly value yourself, your decisions show it. When I start changing my diet, I felt better about myself. If you don’t take care your health, there a lot of bad consequences to follow. So please eat and do things in moderation. So you’re not only fighting the virus, but also building up your immune system as well. So do yourself a favor by drinking your water and make healthy choices.

3. Work at Your Own Pace

When the pandemic first hit, with the time I assumed I had now, I was ready to hit it straight on!!! I was ready to paint. So I gave myself a lot of projects to do for my business. What I didn’t account for was how drastically my household and the routine has changed. Instead of having 5-6 hours to myself, now those hours will be spent homeschooling. Homeschooling was an adjustment for all us. Over time I became very discouraged because I compared my productivity from last year. I felt I wasn’t getting anything done, swamped with a whole of things to do.

Comparison is always the thief of joy. And we need to stop making the habit of comparing what was then vs what is now. So stop comparing yourself and others to the past. The best way to honor the past, is letting go and moving forward with the new. Embrace this time as a new beginning. Since the quarintine happened there’s a new way of doing things. In some areas a slow down was needed. And gradually the routine got better, it just took time. So now I worked on producing 1-2 videos a month instead of weekly. And it’s okay because I’m working off my timeline on where I need to be. And maybe it’s time to work on yours. So now in order to stay consistent, I have to work on pace. Sometimes the slow down is needed.

Finally, this quarantine has put a lot into perspective. Where our focus is completely different. Listen 2020 is not over nor canceled. We can still reclaim our time for this year. It’s just matter of our mindset and point of view. In order to fully flourish, glow, or grow it’s all about the work we put in ourselves. Don’t measure success by numbers but more of a state of being. So glow, by creating your own flow, and flow in it. You got this. So let’s glow in this GlowDemic.


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