• Jalissa Lynn

Work it Mama

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

So you’re a wife or mom or both, and you’re out here killin’ it. Doing everything you can for your household, career, God, and yourself. But truth be told, maybe sometimes you’re feeling like you’re not doing enough or you're doing too much. As a mom, we tend to make a lot of sacrifices including sacrificing ourselves for our family. Well, I’m here to tell another mom who knows the struggle, to Work it Mama!!!

Listen during my five years of motherhood, I have been a full time student, full-time employee, and a stay at home mom, and sometimes more than one at a time. Motherhood is hard enough, plus working adds a whole new challenge. I as well have tried to find balance in the Mom Life. Sometimes I’m so busy that things get unorganized and I feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to keep up with school, work and home life with small children. Then on top of that a husband, which of course all of these things require my attention. I often struggled with the joy of mom and wife life because I was completely unbalanced.

This is when I started investing in “Mommy Management”. First I had to prioritize my life. God first, Wife, Mom, and then boss. Once I got those things in order, it helped me make better decisions on what I prioritized. Next, I started to invest in my own self care. Like I always love to say "I self care, so I don’t self destruct." Moms, you cannot pour from an empty cup. So please take sometime to invest in yourself. Listen I self care under a budget and strict time management. My mornings are my quiet time, I might go to the gym, journal, devotions, enjoy bath bombs, talk to other moms, and whatever else I can think of. I would encourage you whatever your "thing" is, use it to find yourself at peace.

Another part about having good Mommy Management is having peace in what you do. Listen, as stated before I have some experiences being a working mom, college mom, and stay at home mom. Unfortunately society puts pressure on labeling women as supermoms who do it all. Being a sexy wife, glamorous housewife, ambitious career woman, and nurturing mom.

At a point I was trying to do it all. Run a business, have a full time job, be there for my kids, and be fully committed to church and being active on ministry. I quickly found myself burntout trying to do it all. I had to realize different seasons require a different "me". In some seasons I might be the full time boss and stay at home mom. One season I might be a full time employee and home boss. Whatever my household needs, my mindset is to do whatever it takes. The key is to find balance in what you do, do it with all your heart, and with your best ability.

So a little encouragement to all the moms out there, continue to Work it Mama. Whether you're a full time mom or stay home mom, do it to the best of your ability. You’re not a bad mom if you go out and work nor a lazy mom for staying home. Your work whether it’s in an office or kitchen is valuable. You my sister, are valuable, so please take care of yourself. Also find the support you need from other moms like yourself. And take pride in what you do. Also remember not to make others feel less than you because they do things differently. Do what you do, and do whatever it takes. And yes finally, moms, Ya'll BETTER WORK IT HONEY!!!! 💕

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